Solving organizations transparency and integrity challenges


Blucidy combines the power of Blockchain, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence to create a social innovation smart platform for organization transparency and accountability to build impactful organization ecosystem.
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Data Democratization

Blucidy@360® Smart Platform combines the power of Blockchain, Big Data and AI (Artificial Intelligence) predictive analysis technologies to create a social innovation smart platform. It allows organizational transparency and accountability to build an impactful organization ecosystem.

Moreover, it enables data democratization by empowering global citizens to actively engage in an organization’s initiatives. Global citizens will utilize Blucidy@360® to review, verify, share, and rate an organization based on several factors.

Blucidy Return on Investment

Blucidy@360® Smart Platform assigns organizations a Blucidy Return on Investment score (BROI Score®) by combining the data collected on the Blockchain and known social impact scientific indicators.

The BROI Score® defines an organization’s reputation, credibility and likelihood of achieving its reported mission. In conjunction with data transparency, the BROI Score® reduces fraud, waste, and ineffective investment allocation.

Transparency Impact

Blucidy@360® Smart Platform is the first solution of its kind to utilize Blockchain technology to monitor and report on the effectiveness of organizations by citizen participation.

Our platform is available via mobile and desktop web Apps. It will initially be launched in the U.S. Eventually, the goal is to make the platform accessible globally.



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